Friday, March 4, 2011

A Little Down

Well, I buckled down today and got a lot of the house cleaning done. I love my new vacuum - like I want to have this vacuums children!!! When I was finished and emptied the canister, it was almost full! That is way, way, way more dirt than the last several vacuums came up with, so I am confident that it was getting the floor really clean! I changed out the linens and did all the dishes too. I didn't get to much else on the list because my darling daughter woke up.

Smug-Baby was attached to my body all day except for when she was in the car seat. I think that she needs close contact when we are home because she seems so needy when we are hanging with Smug-Niece during the days I work there. Smug-Baby is an only child and she is used to having all the attention and I get that, but she doesn't seem to be adjusting well to sharing her mama with another. She cries and is clingy all day every day. I would think that after 4 months of spending time with another baby, she would be learning that I am able to play with them both and love on them both.

I have also fallen off the tracking food thing for Weight Watchers. I don't think that I have eaten much worse and I am sure that I haven't exhausted my weekly "extra" points, but I should have been tracking. My only excuse is that I haven't felt well and just getting through each day this week has required extra strength. My only hope is that there isn't a gain on Saturday weigh in. I think having the house a mess on top of feeling bad combined to drag me down. I feel better knowing that the house is clean and I have tomorrow and the weekend to get some of the extra stuff done as well as take some time to relax and maybe watch a movie or something.

I leave you now with a few of my favorite pictures from a few days ago!!

I love my sweet girl and I know that someday the teething with be finished and she will smile again!!

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