Monday, January 30, 2012

Be Careful What You Ask For

Just a quick post before work today.

The weekend was stressful as far as the sleeping thing went. Smug-Baby was up a lot during the night, nursing a lot during the night and we were all sleep deprived so the weekend was a blur. Nice, but a haze of exhaustion.

Last night, as I was brushing my teeth and getting ready for bed, I asked God for a couple of things.

1) I asked that Smug-Baby sleep for a bunch of hours before waking up.
2) I asked that I not have to pee while she was awake.
3) I asked that she be sleeping peacefully when I needed to get up for work.

Here's how the night went. She fell and hit her head on the coffee table and so needed some "feel-better-Binky's". This was right about 9pm and she just fell asleep in my arms while nursing. I laid her down, peed and went to bed. Score!

She slept until 2:15am (thank you God for answering #1). This means that I slept for 5 full hours without waking.

She asked me to come into her bed for Binky's, so I did and she nursed for a count of 30 and then I told her "Binky's all done" and she rolled over and went back to sleep. I laid with her for a few more minutes to make sure and then rolled off of her bed and went to the bathroom (thank you God for answering #2).

About 3 minutes after I had gotten back into bed and Smug-Hub had come to bed and gotten himself all settled, she woke up again.

This time she wanted to come into my bed. I let her nurse for a count of 30 on each side, before really putting everything away. She wanted to get up and I explained that it was dark out (something I have been doing the last several nights) and that we stay in the bed when it is dark. She wanted water, which I had right by the bed. She then flopped all over the bed and Smug-Hub. I swear there isn't a square inch of that bed in which she hasn't laid!! She asked for a diaper change (because she wants to get up) and I told her no, that it was dark and we stayed in bed when it was dark. She didn't go back to sleep at all.

About 4:15, she asked for Binky's again and cried as I explained that Binky's were sore and they needed to rest. I told her that Binky's were done for the night, but that I would hold her and cuddle her as long as she needed me to. She cried a bit, but calmed down and fell asleep... at 4:35. I was able to slip out of bed without waking her (thank you God for answering #3).

I am all ready for work and just waiting for the car to warm up a bit and I got to thinking that God really did grant me everything that I had asked for. I just forgot to ask that she sleep through the night or that I would feel rested this morning.

Something to think about! I guess I will have to add a few things to my prayers tonight.

Wish me luck as I face another day feeling like my eyeballs are going to fall out...

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