Monday, January 23, 2012

It's Monday Again

It was a lovely weekend overall. As I sit here listening to the car warming up outside as my time to leave for work draws closer, I think back over the weekend and smile; I got close to 10,000 hugs and at least as many kisses. I got 2 days of morning cuddles. I kissed away 100 tears. I was the safe haven from daddy's tickling fingers. I made 7 bowls of cream of wheat, filled 42 sippy cups of water and cleaned up 3 pancakes from the living room floor.

Yes, it was a good weekend. I also finished the rest of the cleaning and organizing in our big downstairs room. That is such a huge weight off my shoulders and I just need to find a way to keep it that way... I really think that we need another truck load of stuff taken to the Goodwill, but so much of what is stored down there is stuff that I am pretty sure we will need again, like all my non-maternity clothing and all the infant/baby stuff, so I need to hang on to it a little longer. I really like cleaning things out and getting rid of the stuff we don't need, so it is hard to see shelves full of things I need to hang on to.

I also got all the laundry done and the grocery shopping done.

Saturday was laid back, easy cuddle morning and pancake breakfast. Then off to watch my nephew play basketball (which I really got into) and then home for naps and house cleaning.

We went to a birthday party for a friend on Saturday evening and Smug-Baby had a blast playing with all the bigger kids. There was one little girl that really didn't care for all the attention Smug-Baby was giving her and kept trying to get rid of Smug-Baby. She slammed the bedroom door in Smug-Baby's face, she picked Smug-Baby up and physically moved her to another location, she even tried to bribe Smug-Baby to leave her alone. I watched all this carefully; my instinct was to run over and tell this little girl that Smug-Baby was just a baby and to treat her kindly (and of course I wanted to smack this child for not seeing how wonderful my baby was and relishing the fact that my perfect child wanted to spend time with her...) but I just watched to see how Smug-Baby would react. She was undeterred by this other child's obvious unhappiness at her presence and kept going back, knocking on the door and working hard to stay by this other child's side. She didn't seem upset at the door being shut in her face; she thought it was a game. I stayed out of it. It was hard.

Sunday morning was really tough, because Smug-Baby had another bad night and I was up for most of it. Finally, at 6:45 Smug-Hub took her to the kitchen to have breakfast and I dozed a bit. Smug-Baby came and got me up at 7:15 and Smug-Hub went back to bed until 11. I hated him a little bit for that. During that time was when Smug-Baby and I cleaned up the rest of the downstairs room. She sat at my desk and tried out every ink pen, pencil, marker and highlighter on a piece of printer paper and when that got old, she went around the room exploring with a flashlight.

After Smug-Hub got up and Smug-Baby went down for a nap, we were able to have a nice talk and work on the grocery list. After she woke, we went to get some lunch and do the shopping. Then it was football time!

It was a nice weekend. The only really good thing about it being over is that we are just that much closer to the doctor appointment on Thursday! Happy Monday everyone!!

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