Thursday, January 19, 2012


We got together with Smug-Grandma and Smug-Niece today and really had a lot of fun. I was really impressed with Smug-Baby and her sharing and not retaliating when Smug-Niece would hut her or push her. Now, I do have to qualify that by saying that if the get together had been before Smug-Baby's nap rather than after, the story might have been quite different. As it was, they shared pretty well and played together running around the house, both thinking that the other was chasing them. They shared a banana and a granola bar and stacked blocks (OK, Smug-Baby did most of the stacking while Smug-Niece did most of the knocking over, but they were having fun doing it so it was cool).

We took them for a walk at the mall too and got about 30 minutes of exercise in before they needed to get out of the strollers and run around. They played in the little kiddie rides (except we don't put money into them - why when they are having so much fun regardless?) They got into the hurricane simulator and played there and rode in boats and cars and on horses.

After a bit, Smug-Grandma needed to take Smug-Niece back to her daddy and I needed some food, so we bundled them up and headed for our respective homes.

I was really proud to see Smug-Baby sharing her toys and being gentle with her cousin. That isn't to say that she didn't stand up for herself some, but I was really worried that she would flip out because someone else was playing with HER things, HER toys, HER space and she didn't. She would even had Smug-Niece a toy to play with and was really good-natured about having her carefully stacked blocked kicked over and would just laugh about it.

When we have had Smug-Niece over last week, it was right before nap time and the visit actually put off her nap for a while and she had a really rough time. She was upset that my nephew was sitting in a particular chair, because that was were mommy normally sits. She was upset that Smug-Niece was playing with her toys and kept trying to hold everything she owns in her arms to keep them away.

I am glad to know that this behavior was more related to her being tired and cranky than her being a mean kid!!

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