Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Little Smug

Dear Little Smug,

You woke me up this morning when you started your early more exercising. Your little kicks are so sweet and bring your mama such comfort. When you kick me, I know that you are still in there, growing and getting more ready every day to come into this world and meet your new family.

I know that you probably can hear your sister crying a lot these days. Don't worry, she is totally fine, just dealing with her own adjustments. She is really special and caring and I think that you and she will get along wonderfully. She loves to help and she gets upset when others are upset. I think that she will take good care of you and protect you from any danger you may face. Of course, she will still probably sit on you if she gets a chance, but just know that I will be there to save you!

Can you hear your daddy's voice too? He is getting so excited and falls asleep with his hand on my belly trying really hard to feel your little kicks. I think that it will be a while yet, but he is ever hopeful. He is a really good daddy and I know that you will love hanging out with him and playing. He is fun and silly and loves getting down on the floor and playing. He is constantly talking about how special you and your sister are and how much he is looking forward to watching you both grow up and be amazing!

I am sorry that I haven't been talking directly to you much yet. Your sister is kind of a handful at times and since you are doing pretty well for yourself right now, I haven't spent much time hanging out just with you. I am working on changing that, because you and I need some mommy and baby time!

Did you like the yoga class on Friday? Your mama felt really good and happy after that class so I hope that you like the movements and the chanting. We are taking more walks too and I hope that you are enjoying that movement too. What about the massage on Saturday? You got a little rub through mama's belly and mama got really nice and relaxed too! We are going to keep doing yoga and walking together because you and I need to be in sync! You know that it won't be long until you will be ready to come into this side of the world and we will have to work together to make that happen. I will do my best to get ready and you work on getting ready on your end!

I love you so much already and I am looking so forward to holding and nursing you. I know that you may be a little freaked out thinking about all the changes you will face on this side of the world, but I will help you and guide you and be with you every step of the way.


Your Mama

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