Friday, January 27, 2012

My Son

I am almost too excited to think! I am also feeling frustrated at the moment, because I really wanted to scan in pictures from the ultrasound and post them, but the scanner isn't working correctly and even though I got up early this morning to try to fix it, it isn't working!! I even called HP customer service but my printer is out of warranty so it is going to cost me $40 to figure out the issue and the dude doesn't speak English well, so I feel like I need to try to find a solution online before spending that kind of money!

But all that frustration is nothing really because I have a son! There is a little penis clear as day on those sonogram pictures and I couldn't be happier! I really didn't have a good strong feeling about what he was going to be, but I wasn't surprised to learn he was a boy. I think that I would have been more surprised to find out it was a girl really, but this was great!!

We didn't do anything special as for us finding out, we just let the technician show us, but we did make it special for the family.

We had everyone over at 5:30 (dad was late by 10 minutes and it almost killed everyone)!! Once everyone was assembled, I took Smug-Baby into her bedroom and took off all her clothes leaving only a blue diaper on her little butt. Then I opened the door and she took off like a shot into the living room.

Smug-Sister threw her arms up and yelled "Boy!!!" and everyone laughed and there were lots of hugs and phrases like "I knew it all along". It was really nice for Smug-Grandma who is always 100% of the time wrong and she thought it was a boy, so her streak is over!

After that, we all had some veggie soup and fresh bread, cheese and crackers and chocolate chip cookies and talked and laughed and watched Smug-Baby beat up on her 9 year old cousin - it was funny to watch him cowering in the floor while she jumped all over him!!

After everyone left and we straighted up the house and cleaned the kitchen (Smug-Grandma actually did most of the kitchen) and we all get settled down, we talked to Smug-Baby about her little brother. She was really nonplussed and mostly wanted to jump around and watch Peppa on my phone, but we have talking and that is cool.

I spent some time fiddling with the printer while Smug-Hub gave Smug-Baby her evening snack before bed. She went down fairly easily - I have started to ask her, when she unlatches, if she is all done with Binky's and since she isn't and doesn't want me to put them away, she latches back on. So, last night, she stayed latched on until she fell asleep. It's mostly the latching that hurts, so if she stays latched on, while still uncomfortable, is more manageable. Since she seems to be only now nursing to sleep for night and naps, I should be able to wean her gently over the next few months as we implement new bedtime routines.

She slept until 2:30 and woke crying. She climbed into bed with us and nursed about 20 seconds on each side before I said "Binky's all done" and she rolled over and went to sleep. At one point about 4:15, she crawled up on top of Smug-Hub and slept there for a few minutes before rolling off onto his other side. She stayed there for about 15 minutes before crawling back to the middle. She asked for Binky's then, but I pretended to be asleep and she went right back to sleep without issue. Overall it was a good night.

Now if this dang scanner would just work.... I have to leave for the office now anyway - stupid thing!! I guess I know what I am doing while Smug-Baby naps today!!

Hey, you guys! I HAVE A SON!!!!

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