Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy 2012!

We rang in the new year with some dear friends from out of town. They have a boy who is a day or two younger than Smug-Baby and they bonded instantly! They had to learn some hard lessons about sharing and Smug-Baby really suffered because they were HER toys they had to share, but I think that overall they played really well together and she has already been asking for him over and over and seems bored without someone to fight play with!

I am working on my new schedules and plans and menus and such and I am really looking forward all the promise that the new year holds. I want to work on my eating habits and get back into a short workout daily. I want to get Smug-Baby into as many things with other kids as possible and I want to get my house back into the clean and organized space it was before I got pregnant. I know that once the new baby arrives in June that I will not be able to work on anything for a while, so I want to get things really clean and organized before he/she makes an entrance!

I have been feeling really emotional since Christmas, with still feeling bad some of the time and family issues and my house being in disarray, but I am really trying to come out of it and focus on all that I have to look forward to in life and how set-backs are often steps forward but it is taking some time to get there.

I feel like getting back onto my routine and schedule always helps to pull me out of any funk I happen to be in. I am really glad that I am not feeling as sick anymore. I actually only have had two bouts of feeling nauseous in the last two days - that's one each day and they only lasted until I ate something, which just tells me that I need to eat more regularly. The headaches have even gotten better - they are not totally gone, there is always some pain there, but it is much more manageable and I don't think about them as much either, so I know they are not as painful.

Here is hoping that you and your family are feeling the future and looking forward. Don't spend time thinking about what happened in 2011, it is over and done and you can't change it, so move forward and make 2012 your best year yet!!

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