Friday, January 13, 2012


There are no sounds except the wind outside and the ticking of the clock. No TV, no baby noises coming from the other side of the room. It is early morning and it is my favorite time of day. I love sleeping, but really love having a little bit of time all to myself before life gets started for the day.
Most weeks this only happens on the weekends and even then it doesn't happen often. I can read or watch a show that I don't want Smug-Baby exposed to. I can eat something without having to share every other bite with someone. There isn't anyone else to talk to me or demand my attention.

I don't need much alone time; "Me Time" as I have noticed that on a weekend morning, if I am on my own for more than about an hour, I have to go back to bed just to be close to their warm bodies and hear sweet breathing. However, I do really like having just a small amount of time that belongs 100% to me.

This morning is a very rare thing indeed. Smug-Baby went to bed in her big girl bed at about 9:15 last night and she is still there at 4:45 this morning. No nursing, no crawling into my bed, no crying. Because this is a very strange occurrence, I woke up at 3:45 and couldn't really get back to sleep. At 4, I got up and showered (downstairs to have a better chance of her staying asleep) and got ready for work. I have about 30 minutes before I need to leave the house, so I have a few moments all to myself to blog now instead of waiting until she naps.

This is huge for her to have slept all night in her own bed. I hope that this is a sign that she is getting more comfortable in her own bed and maybe we will have more of these nights going forward. She has only done this once before and even then, she came into my bed, nursed a few seconds and crawled back into her bed. I hope that she will have more and more nights of sleeping through the night in her own space.

 I slept from 9:20 (well, I was tired and she was asleep!!) until about 1:30 when Smug-Hub came to bed, I had to pee anyway, but went right back to sleep, so I got a pretty good nights sleep too!

I am praying that this continues!!

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