Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Looking Back

I have been reading a lot of posts lately talking about looking back over the last year at what was accomplished and what was left unattained. The point I guess is to set new goals for the new year, resolutions and the like.

I stopped setting new years resolutions a long time ago because I never stuck to any of them and it was depressing. I also stopped looking back over the last year because it was also depressing to look at my life and all that I wanted to achieve and see that I hadn't done any of it.

I was having myself a little pity party the other day, thinking about the state of my life and Smug-Baby's not sleeping and my not sleeping and already being rather uncomfortable and wishing for a moment that I had another life. One full of all the things that I wanted but haven't ever gotten.

Then, I looked around and I realized that I have really accomplished all those goals that I used to set for myself. I wanted so much out of my life and I was so frustrated that I didn't have it that I stopped focusing on it and wonder of wonders I have all of it now!

I wanted to have a college degree and by golly I have an MBA.

I wanted to have a loving and successful married and what's this? I have an amazing husband who loves me deeply and supports me even when I am being a nut-ball.

I wanted to have a nice home and dependable car. I have both.

I wanted to be a mother and I have this amazing, smart, funny, silly, happy girl and I have another baby on the way!

I wanted to feel unconditionally loved and I am.

It took a lot more years than I had thought it would when I was in my teens and 20's, but I finally achieved all my new years resolutions and I want for nothing else except to keep all that I have and to continue to be smothered in love and kisses for the rest of my life.

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