Thursday, January 12, 2012

I Forgot...

So, I'm pregnant. I haven't blogged about my symptoms or emotions much regarding this pregnancy and I find it odd, because I blogged daily when I was pregnant with Smug-Baby about every little thing! It's not that I am not excited about this baby, it's just that I am so preoccupied with the rest of life that I some times forget that I am pregnant.

Not really forget, but don't think about it. It's hard to explain and I feel some guilt about it, like I am not as happy or as excited or looking forward to this baby as much as I was with Smug-Baby. I wish that I had the time and money to put into decorating a room for the new baby and picking out cute little outfits and maybe once we know if Little-Smug is a boy or a girl I will feel more like I want to do some of that stuff, but for right now I am so focused on getting through the day that thinking about this new, amazing miracle of life growing within me is just hard.

I want to strive to make sure that I don't make this baby feel like he or she is any less important and less wanted than Smug-Baby was, but there is less money to make that happen and there is less time to focus on just this new baby. Smug-Baby is here, right now and she demands a lot of time and attention. Let's face it, once Little-Smug arrives, Smug-Baby is going to have to move over a little bit and share her parents, so I don't begrudge her as much one-on-one as possible before her life totally changes.

OK, how have I been feeling...

I feel pretty good! Now that I am not feeling sick all the dang time! I still have headaches a lot of the time and if I haven't gotten a good night's sleep, then I will spend the day feeling sick, but overall, the sickness is gone and the belly is getting huge! My rings still fit and my legs haven't started swelling, so that's good! I am starting to notice that I am having to exert more effort to get up from the floor and even the couch, but it's not too bad yet.

I am eating pretty well. I would still like to cut more dairy from my daily eating but overall it's not bad. I have been getting some fruit every day along with eating more salads and making a smoothie each day that contains, yogurt, grape juice, a scoop of Delicious Greens and some frozen fruit. It is really good and gives me a boost of greens too.

I haven't been able to get fully back into my daily schedules, but I am getting closer each week to being on track. Smug-Baby is fighting a cold (runny nose and nasty cough) along with some teething (will she hurry up and finish already!!) so she has been very demanding of my attention. However, I have managed to keep the house picked up, made meals each day, and gotten most of the daily tasks done (Tuesday was trash, today was diapers, granted they are still in the dryer, but still...)

Tomorrow I am supposed to clean the bathrooms and they really need it. I am hoping for another decent nights sleep for me, so I will feel up to tackling that while Smug-Baby naps.

Now, I just need to win the lotto...

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