Monday, January 9, 2012

I am SO Done With You!!

We are going to be done with Direct TV today!! After almost two full years of fighting with them every month, we have decided to go back to cable and even got a much smaller service package so the monthly price is going to be about $15-$25 a month cheaper than Direct TV. I say $15-$25 since they can't seem to bill me correctly each and every month!!

We are going to be short a few of the channels that we regularly watch (TNT, FX, A&E, Headline News, etc) and we will be without access to Peppa Pig, which is really going to be the hardest part, since Peppa is Smug-Baby's favorite thing on the planet and I can't even get Peppa on DVD in this country. I am going to have to order one from Japan and hope it works on our DVD player I guess. I can always pull it up on YouTube, so I am hoping we will survive!!

They are going to come out this afternoon and install everything for us and I am looking forward to making that phone call to tell Direct TV to shove it up their... dish!

I am really sick and tired of companies that think that we will continue to give them our hard earned, hard to come by money and be treated like crap! Direct TV, think about it - you provide a luxury service really. TV is not like water or electricity, its entertainment and EVERYONE has their shows posted online now and put on DVD at the end of the season. So, with Internet access and Netflix, I can watch everything I want to watch without spending a dine on TV service!! With that in mind, wouldn't you be working hard to keep the customers you have not send them screaming in the other direction?!?!?

I  know that they will probably offer me some wonderful deal to stay with them, but I am over it and totally done with them!! They would have to offer me their highest level of service for free for life for me to stay with them and then I would have to think about it!!!

The thing is, the TV service is pretty good, we haven't had the dish go out much at all and the programming and picture quality is pretty good. It is ONLY their customer service that is sending us packing! If they could manage to follow through on what they say they are going to do, or if the money drafted from my account each month was consistently what they say it will be, or if their customer service people were the least bit understanding or helpful. But no!

We are done!! Hooray!!!

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